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Staff at Cleveland Location

Grades Kindergarten - 12th:

Head of AQIS: Sr. Nawal Jadallah

Head of Curriculum and Instruction: Mrs. Amal Saleh M.Ed

Building Administrator: Sr. Julia Laccheb


Kindergarten: Mrs. Suhier Jabir

Kindergarten: Mrs. Jennifer Andel

1st grade: Mrs. Nadia Aziz

2nd grade: Ms. Saeda Hammad, M.Ed.


3rd grade: Mrs. Heidi Bailey

4th grade: Ms. Israa Abed

5th grade: Mrs. Manar Hamodeh

Middle & High School:

Middle School/High School Math: Mrs. Alicia Kadiri

Middle School/High School Language Arts: Mrs. Emily Hill

Middle School/High School Science: Mrs. Marsida Kraja

Program Director/Head of Middle School/High School: Mrs. Araceli Harri, M.Ed

Middle School/High School Boys Social Studies: Mrs. Ghana White M.Ed

Middle School/High School Boys Math: Mrs. Fauzia Nazir M.Ed

Middle School Math: Mrs. Fatima Noubani

Middle School Language Arts: Mrs. Racha Alameh 


Coach Yasser Hussein (Boys)

Mrs. Suheir Salti (Girls)

Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies Department:


BOYS 6th- 12th grade: Sheikh Ayham Abazid

3rd-12th grade: Mrs. Hizar Hussein

6th-8th grade: Mrs. Nsrin Alkhatib

KG-6th grade: Mrs. Lina Owais 


1st- 3rd grade: Mrs. Suheir Salti

3rd- 9th grade: Ms. Sahera Musa

KG- 3rd grade: Mrs. Hanan Abuzahrieh

6th- 12th grade: Mrs. Amna Ghandour

Islamic Studies- 

BOYS 6th- 12th grade: Sheikh Ayham Abazid

KG- 5th grade: Mrs. Wafaa Alnajjar

8th- 12th grade: Mrs. Amna Ghandour

6th- 7th grade: Mrs. Fatima Noubani

Hifz School:

Director/Lead Teacher: Mrs. Ansam Alahmad

Hifz Teacher: Mrs. Nsrin Alkhatib 

Hifz Teacher: Mrs. Yasmeen Abu-Hussein

Hifz Aide: Mrs. Merfat Elsayed

K12 Tutors:

K12 Lead Teacher- Mrs. Fatima Noubani

K12 Aide- Mrs. Azera Haneef

Title 1:

Kelly Spear (CMSD)

Title 3:

Br. Jamal Sulaiman (CMSD)

Speech Pathologist:

Ms. Joann Bunner (CMSD)


Ms. Wafa Salem

Mrs. Najla Aboun