Enrollment Forms

Release of Records Form

(must be completed by all new students)

Confidential Recommendation for Admissions Form (recommended for new students)

Preschool Application

KG-12th Application

Hifz School Application

Enrollment Dates 

February 3, 2020: Re-enrollment begins for current students only

February 10, 2020: Enrollment begins for siblings of current students

February 24, 2020: New enrollment begins for incoming students

*Sending an electronic copy is acceptable. Make sure all pages are filled out accuracy and signed where necessary. If anything is needed further, we will contact you. Please fill out application forms for the desired grade/program. For CSTP or Edchoice applications, you must stop by the office. Applications are not accepted unless the $175 Registration fee is paid. 

Email to the following addresses -

Cleveland Branch

Grades KG - 12th & Hifz Program

[email protected]


Parma Branch

Grades 3rd - 5th

[email protected]


Plaza Branch

Grades preschool 3, pre-k 4, KG - 2nd

[email protected]


**When you download the file, do not open it in a browser. Under downloads, choose "show in folder" and pick the file. It will then open up as a Word document. You will then be able to type in the information and save the application.**