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Al Ihsan Administration

Meet Our Team!

Maysa Jadallah M.Ed


Assalamu Alaykum,

          My name is Maysa Jadallah and I am the Principal of Al Ihsan School of Excellence. This is my 8th year at Al Ihsan school. I started off as a Kindergarten teacher then became the Preschool Director in 2014. Shortly after I became the school's Vice-Principal and held that position for two amazing years. In those two years, I learned so much within Administration and feel confident coming into my new role as Principal. I hold a Degree and License in Early Childhood Education and completed my Master's in Education at Cleveland State University. I have lived in Cleveland my entire life and so excited to be a part of a school that provides a well-rounded Islamic education for our youth. I am married with 3 kids Alhamdulillah. Two of them attend Al Ihsan School! I have been working with children for over 10 years.

With Allah's guidance, I hope to make a positive impact on all our student's lives as well as my staff. I work with such an amazing group of people Alhamdulillah. All of Al Ihsan's staff has something special to offer our student's and we are extremely lucky to have them. Every person who is a part of the Al Ihsan team works hard to make sure all students excel at all levels of their education. I am lucky to have such an amazing staff, full of dedication and the love of teaching Alhamdulillah!

I am grateful for all the support I have to be able to lead Al Ihsan school towards excellence. I am excited to continue to work with such an amazing staff as well as our wonderful families we service Alhamdulillah! I hope that you will keep our school, students, teachers, and staff in your continuous duaa Inshallah! 

Nawal Jadallah

Head of Arabic, Quran, & Islamic Studies Department

Assalamu Alaykum,

        My name is Nawal Jadallah, and I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Foreign Language licensure. This is my 14th year with Al Ihsan School. I am married with four children. I have been in the education field for 25+ years. I chose to be an educator because I like to be around children. I believe I can make a difference in students' lives. Therefore, teaching is a very rewarding profession for me.

Amal Saleh M.Ed

Head of Curriculum & Instruction

Assalamu Alaykum,

        My name is Amal Saleh and I am the Head of Curriculum and Instruction at Al Ihsan School. I have been with Al Ihsan for 14 years, Alhamdulillah. I taught 3rd grade from 2008-2015, then moved on to mentoring new teachers and working as an auxiliary clerk for 2 years after that. This is my fourth year as the Head of Curriculum and Instruction. I earned a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and Curriculum and Instruction in 2010 from Cleveland State University. I have lived in the Cleveland area my entire life and have been an active member of the Islamic community since childhood. I am married with 2 beautiful girls, both of which is a student at Al Ihsan.

Our goals for the school is to ensure that every student has a quality education and the proper curriculum to meet the high expectations of the school and state. I believe that Al Ihsan is an excellent school that provides our students with academic and Islamic foundations to prepare them for the future. I look forward to working closely with staff and parents throughout the year.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran

Araceli Harris M.Ed

Head of Middle & High School

         I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Araceli harris. This is my 17th year at Al Ihsan School of Excellence. I taught first grade for 10 years, was vice-principal for 2 years, and am currently the head of middle school/high school. 

I graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I hold an Ohio teaching license and am certified. I also completed an endorsement in reading instruction. I received my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction for grades KG through 12th at Cleveland State University and am continuing my education at CSU with a 4-5 endorsement and a gifted and talented endorsement. I chose these two endorsements so that I can better serve my students.

I have been married for 25 years and have two wonderful children. My daughter, Mariela is 24 and is attending Cleveland State University to receive her bachelor’s in moderate to intensive education. My son, Antonio, is 18 and is attending Saint Ignatius High School. Being a parent, I understand the need for discipline, as well as compassion in the classroom, I teach with great enthusiasm! I am a firm believer in private school education and have loved teaching within a community that values faith.  

Julia Lachheb

Building Administrator at Cleveland Location

       I have been at Al Ihsan School for 16 years. I have 23+ years of experience in the administrative/clerical field. I am a mother of three children ages 16, 17, and 23. I was born and raised in Cleveland. I will be assisting you with your admissions and any questions you may have about our school. Welcome to our school and I hope to meet you soon!

Angelica Huturdo

Building Administrator at Parma Location

Rasheda Ain

Building Administrator at Plaza Location

Assalamu Alaykum,

        Alhamdulillah, this is my 13th year working at Al Ihsan School in Parma. I started as a volunteer and then was fortunate enough to be hired on full time. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Science. I have worked in different fields but the satisfaction of working here is beyond comparison. It is a great privilege to be part of an institution where the children are enriched with the knowledge to be successful in this life and the Hereafter. Being a parent of Al Ihsan student, I know that the school aims at educating the students in a way that would help them lead a balanced life of deen making them good Muslims and better citizens of the community. I feel proud of whatever little I am contributing towards achieving that goal. For the parents, I am the first point of contact and I will help/assist you with any of your questions/concerns inshallah.

Ansam Alahmad

Director of Al Ihsan Hifz School

Assalamu Alaykum,

My name is Ansam Alahmad and this is my 14th year with Al Ihsan Hifz School. In 2001, I graduated from Damascus University with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Biology. Afterward, I studied in education and received my teaching certificate. In 2011, I received an Ijaza in Quran Memorization with a continued chain of narrators back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I later received an Ijazah in different Qera'at, and continued my studies in Sharia, and received my degree from Islam Academy.

I thank Allah (SWT) for being a director and teacher here at Al Ihsan Hifz School and I ask Allah (SWT) to help every child in the Muslim community of Cleveland to complete memorizing the Quran and apply it in their life insha'Allah. Ameen!